AGATE “enhancer” Security and safety. Improves concentration and analytical abilities. Soothes and calms.

AMAZONITE "soother" Offers perspective and different points of view. Alleviates worry and fear. Dispels negative energy and aggravation.

AMETHYST “protector” Healing and purifying. Rids negativity and brings sincerity.

APATITE "clarity" Clears confusion and awakens the inner self. Expands knowledge and truth. Eases sadness and anger.

CHRYSOCOLLA "tranquility" Heals heartache while increasing capacity to love. Improves communication and draws out guilt.

CITRINE "revitalizer" Stimulates and strengthens intellect. Promotes motivation, creativity and self-expression. Releases negative traits.

CLEAR QUARTZ “master healer” Amplifies energy and stimulates balance, concentration and memory.

GARNET "devotion" Revitalizes, purifies and balances energy. Inspires love and devotion.

GOLD “balance” Spiritual purity. Promotes energy and focus.

HOWLITE "awareness" Strengthens memory and teaches patience. Assists in eliminating rage, pain and stress.

IOLITE "detox" Encourages taking responsibility and overcoming codependency within partnerships.

JADE “purity” Balance and harmony. Protects from harm and attracts good luck and friendship.

JASPER “supreme nurturer” Absorbs stress and negativity. Enhances courage and confidence.

LABRADORITE “transformation” Strength and perseverance. Raises consciousness and intuition.

LAPIS LAZULI “confidence” Self-awareness and self-expression. Elevates compassion, truth and honesty.

LAVA ROCK "grounder" Strength and stability during change. Guidance and understanding. Useful in dissipating anger.

LEPIDOLITE "transition" Release and reorganization. Induces change and dissipates negativity. Brings emotional healing, reduces stress and depression.

MOONSTONE “new beginnings” Tranquil and inspiring. Promotes positive thinking, intuition, and fertility.

MORGANITE “hopeless romantic” Innocence and sweetness. Brings healing, compassion and promise, while dissolving ego.

ONYX “release” Blocks negative energy, stress and grief. Enhances strength and stamina.

OPAL “consciousness” Freedom and independence. Stimulates originality, creativity and memory.

ROSE QUARTZ “unconditional love” Love and respect. Builds trust and harmony. Comfort and calm.

RHODONITE "nurturer" Stimulates and balances the heart. Clears emotional wounds from the past.

SILVER “amplifier” Patience and perserverance. Enhances paired gemstones.

TIGER'S EYE "resilience" Brings insight and focus. Attracts good luck and blocks negativities. 

TOURMALINE “inspiration” Promotes confidence, compassion and tolerance.

TURQUOISE “good luck” Balances the spirit and heals the mind, body, and soul. Represents friendship.