It was the summer of 2019, I was scrolling through my feed and several accessory lines popped up. Clearly, Instagram knows its algorithms because I was the perfect target: a newish mom, who loves jewelry and on-trend fashion. I found that each brand was lacking in something important to me; meaningfulness, design and price. Either I pay an arm and a leg for something high quality or waste my money on junk that will end up in a drawer or the garbage. What started out as a personal need to fulfill that happy, middle ground; beautiful, well-made and affordable, turned into me beading during my daughter's nap-time.

The word "Hapa" originated in Hawaii to describe a person of mixed race, typically part Asian - as is my child. And ever after because she is my fairy tale of happiness (until she becomes a teenager). You can find her profile in our moon logo and my Aries constellation guiding her. 

HAPA ever after is proud to offer a diverse collection of cohesive, minimal and meaningful designs, while sending good energy into the universe.

We hope you enjoy our vibes. 



Hapa Mama Alex + Hapa Baby B.

Hapa Mama Alex + Hapa Baby Berkeley